Being a Host and Dinner Plans

Hello Friends!

A few weeks ago my down-the-street neighbor Michelle from Tahoe came to visit me and my new little place. It was my first time hosting someone for the weekend, and she was the perfect person to host. It was kinda a busy weekend, but full of all great things for the two of us girls to enjoy. On Friday my friend Maryah came to visit me at my new school. She was my first visitor to ND and I felt so proud showing her the campus and my office and classrooms. I feel so lucky to work at a school that is so amazing, and values the arts. She brought me Starbucks, and it was the perfect start to a great weekend.

Maryah and I

Later that day, I had her and my friend Robert over for board games at the new place. We had tons of cheese and crackers and played Ticket to Ride, which is this ridiculously fun board game that I kinda want to play every weekend. #nerdlife

Game Night

On Saturday Michelle was my sous chef and we made a delicious dinner for my girls small group bible study from a few years ago. Most of us are a little more spread out (think Santa Cruz, Morgan Hill & Sunnyvale) so it’s just not easy for the 6 or so of us to meet up weekly like we used. I might have gone overboard on the appetizers, but they were all so good!
Girls Dinner Girls Dinner

Amy, Maryah & Brandy came up to my parents house for dinner. Reece’s was a great helper in the kitchen as well.

My cooking assistant

On Sunday Michelle and I had a low key day hanging out at my house, she helped me meal prep for the week. She was such a fun person to have around for the weekend, I hope she visits me again soon! (P.S Michelle, if you are reading this I hope year #2 at college is going well, and I can’t wait for more game nights in Tahoe at Christmas!)



Summer Lovin’

As much as I love my kiddos, I also realllllyyyy enjoy summer break off. This last year was particularly brutal as I barreled through working full time, night classes to finish up my Master’s, and completing my second year of … Continue reading

Dogs, Cats and Dentists

Today is my last day of work for this week, and it is a short day because I have an emergency visit to the dentist. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike going to the dentist. I like my dentist, I really do, but the poking, prodding, and the noises really stress me out. I always walk away feel sore at the gums.

On Sunday, I broke my bottom retainer. Like completely out of my mouth (it’s a bridge glued in to my teeth).

So, instead of freaking out about it, I am going to look at these cute pictures of my lovely snuggle-buddies, and think happy thoughts about what I will get on Black Friday.





I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know the pups are a big stress reliever for me. What do you do to relieve stress?

Can’t wait for Thursday!



Coffee, Desserts and a Father-Daughter Cooking Session

This past weekend I was invited to a friend’s birthday dinner at a wine bar in Palo Alto called Gravity. I had some free time and grabbed a coffee before meeting up with the dinner party. Sitting in the sunshine I enjoyed a calm moment with my book. It was lovely.

Coffee and a good book make for an excellent afternoon.

Coffee and a good book make for an excellent afternoon.

Abby was the perfect birthday girl, and we indulged in plenty of yummy food! The restuarant Gravity was new to me so we ordered a little bit of everything.

Our appetizers
Our appetizers!
My delicious pasta.

My delicious pasta.

Our desserts were unbelievably good. I had the strawberry shortcake, Abby ordered a peach pastry with vanilla ice cream and Rita got a chocolate lava cake.


When I got back to the apartment the pups were snuggling despite the lingering heat.



Today my father and I spent the whole day in the kitchen creating delicious things to eat. We tackled an impressive list: chili, tortilla lasagna, banana walnut bread, and peppermint-chocolate ice cream.  A long day, but so worth it!

I think chili is my new go-to soup.

I think chili is my new go-to soup.

3 Trays of tortilla lasagna!

3 Trays of tortilla lasagna!

I'm hoping this treat will make early mornings bearable!

I’m hoping this treat will make early mornings bearable!

There are no photos of the ice cream. So sad, because it really was delicious. Next time!

How was your Tuesday? What did you do today?