Prom 2015

One of the end of the schoolyear events that I always look forward to is prom. It’s the only dance that I attend during the whole year. It’s mostly juniors and seniors that go, and it’s my favorite afterschool event … Continue reading

Gallery Wall

I’ve officially been in my cute little apartment for over a year. Yay! I realised about two weeks ago that I didn’t have a single thing on my wall, so I schedule a little bit of time with my dad to (finally!) hang some artwork.

I hung some artwork, and realized I have tons of white wall space needing some new fun, spunky artwork. I’ve been looking at things on Pinterest, Society6 and Etsy trying to figure out what all should go into the gallery wall in my bedroom and one in my living room.

These are current contenders for either gallery wall, what do you think? Any of them you love? Any of them that you hate?

Do it anyway Etsy

Be Brave Etsy

The cure Society6

Dream on Etsy

The best is Yet to Come Society6

I refuse to Sink Etsy

Hustle Etsy

All images are from their postings on Society6 and Etsy.

Where else is a great place to get inexpensive, motivating or nautical art?



Building a Better Art Classroom

Hi Friends, Many of you know I work at a small charter high school in San Jose. I am so pleased to tell you that I am offering AP Art as a brand new class this fall. Unfortunately, our district … Continue reading