Mail Delivery

There are so many things in life that you work for: getting good grades, passing AP exams, staying up late working on college apps, walking across a stage for your high school diploma, studying your butt off in college, meeting quarterly with your advisor who still can’t remember your name, prettying up your resume for your your first job application, getting rejected and working on 100+ more resumes and cover letters, applying again for grad school and so many other small things that build to even bigger things.

Today, I got a pretty, white envelope in the mail. Holding for me, the holy grail: my master’s diploma.

So, folks, I’m here to tell you that every late night, every emptied highlighter, and used book from E-bay is worth it.

Fighting for what you want is worth it.

Master's Diploma

And it was truly perfect timing, as my birthday is tomorrow!

What’s something big that you have worked hard for?