101 in 1001

Image From Daily Fancies & Pinterest

Image From Daily Fancies & Pinterest

I was inspired by Mackenzie of Design Darling (which, if you don’t read, you totally should!) and Carly of the College Prepster in creating a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. 1001 days, which is 2.75 years, is the enough time to do things without it being a total bucket list.

I officially started mine on January 1st 2014 so my end date is September 28th, 2016.

Completed Items: crossed out.

Bold: items left on my list

Items Left:  33 as of 12.28.2016

101 in 1001

  1. Inspire someone to write a list of their own (Maryah in Jan 2014)
  2. Go wine tasting with friends or family (Jan 11th, 2014)
  3. Learn to play an instrument
  4. Go hot air ballooning
  5. Make cake balls  (Natasha April 2014)
  6. Invest in a food processor (My birthday gift!! October 2014)
  7. Climb a tall mountain
  8. Go sky diving
  9. Visit a new continent (Grand Cayman Islands March 2014)
  10. Go zip-lining  (For father’s day of 2015!!)
  11. Build my dream closet
  12. Upgrade to a DSLR camera (Christmas 2016) 
  13. Go to a taylor swift concert (Sept 2015 1989 Tour!)
  14. Buy a house/car/condo/boat, something!
  15. Visit the Anne Frank house (July 2014)
  16. Get my own puppy
  17. Run a marathon 
  18. Spend a day at a spa (Annie April 26th, 2014)
  19. Visit a castle (July 2014 in Southern France)
  20. Take a tour the white house 
  21. Fast for three days (March 2014)
  22. Visit the Harry Potter World in Florida (scheduled for Jan 2015)
  23. Tour Hearst Castle (planned for Summer 2016)
  24. Visit Canada
  25. Donate money on Kiva
  26. Go paint balling
  27. Send a message in a bottle
  28. Buy a large jewelry box for all my bangles and earrings  (May 2014)
  29. Invest in Tory Birch boots
  30. Take photos under the hollywood sign (July 2014)
  31. Take photos with lit sparklers (With Annie April 5th 2014)
  32. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
  33. Order business cards 
  34. Invest in a classic handbag (Coach November 2014 & Kate Spade April 2015)
  35. Organize my Itunes (January 1st, 2014)
  36. Send out christmas cards on time (December 4th, 2014)
  37. Throw a surprise party for a friend (Fathers day Dinner June 9th, 2014)
  38. Buy my first piece of furniture (My Couch January 2015)
  39. Find my signature cocktail (March 2014- Lemon Drop)
  40. Attend a horse race or polo match
  41. Track my spending for a month (January thru December of 2014) 
  42. Drink 8 glasses of water (50 oz) every day for at least one week.  (Decembere 2014) 
  43. Buy personalised luggage (August 2014)
  44. Throw my first sunday brunch party
  45. Blog for 30 days straight 
  46. Top up my emergency funds for a total of one year’s rent money (Dec 2015)
  47. Get a mani and pedi that match(Annie April 26th, 2014) 
  48. Set up a photo shoot for the whole family
  49. Meet a fellow blogger in real life (saw Katie while I was in Nantucket!) I was #awestruck
  50. Find a set of china that i love (Noritake Signature Gold)
  51. Don’t eat out for one month (February 2014)
  52. Write a guest post for another blog
  53. Buy all the Gilmore Girls DVD’s (Yay!)
  54. Invest in my first piece of expensive jewelry
  55. Learn the sock bun successfully(Alli July 2014)
  56. Cook dinner every night for a week (0/7)
  57. Buy myself flowers every week for a month (March 2014)
  58. Go one month without buying Starbucks (February 2014)
  59. Invest in nice undergarments
  60. See a second Frank Lloyd Wright building ( Marin Civic Center July 2016)
  61. Purchase or make a bar cart (made one for my birthday party Oct 2016)
  62. Complete a jigsaw puzzle by myself
  63. Buy a plane ticket with my frequent flier miles only (Santa Fe Tickets there & back)
  64. Come up with a way to organize ALL jewelry
  65. Take an Instagram photo errr’day for a month (March 2014)
  66. Do a “no spend month” (February 2014)
  67. Create a gallery wall (in my classroom January 2014)
  68. Create a custom blog logo
  69. See the Great Gatsby movie (this one) May 2014
  70. Do a three day juice cleanse (March 2014)
  71. Throw a themed party ( May 23rd 2015) Great Gatsby!!
  72. Be in a photo shoot (June 2014)
  73. Participate in a color run (This Saturday!)
  74. Keep a food journal for one month (June 2015)
  75. Try hot yoga
  76. Find an infinity scarf i don’t feel silly in (February 2015)
  77. Go without “bedtime tv” for a week
  78. Unplug for a whole weekend (Tahoe July 2014) 
  79. Reach my ideal weight (Dec 2016) (down 10 pounds!)
  80. Watch every Jane Austen Movie (watched 3/5) 
  81. Update my good reads profile for three months.
  82. Go on a road trip (July 2014 LA with my Dad)
  83. Make jam/jelly with my mom (New York 2016)
  84. Drink a glass of wine every night for a week (February 2014)
  85. Eat “clean” for one whole week 
  86. Get a blow out at a “dry bar” just because (May 2015)
  87. Ride in a limo
  88. Try a spinning class
  89. Invest in a monogrammed necklace (November 2014)
  90. Finish my T-shirt quilt (June 2014)
  91. Learn needlepoint
  92. Walk through a corn maze 
  93. Buy more J.Crew blazers 
  94. Buy a new watch (Kate Spade March 2014)
  95. Take myself to the movies (dec 2015)
  96. Buy a whole cd (March 2014)
  97. Have a stay-cation at home for a whole weekend! (Tahoe December 2014)
  98. Get a hammock (January 2014)
  99. Learn calligraphy
  100. Get a new hairdryer (oct 2015)
  101. Put 10$ into savings for every goal accomplished

Ps. If I inspire you to write your own list, email me your link to your list and I’ll link it to mine!



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