Do you want to build a snowman?

On Friday, Annie, Adrian and I drove up to my parents cabin in Tahoe. It snowed the whole weekend, which was perfect for us to get some fresh powder. When we had gone up at Christmas, it had looked a little bare and brown.

The new snow transformed everything into a sleepy wonderland. We slept in, made tasty food, and watched the Winter Olympics while it snowed. Later on Saturday, we played in the snow, had snowball fights, sledded down the the hill in the backyard, and built some funny looking snow-women, in our case. Annie and I made Dwight, a two-headed dinosaur woman complete with a spiky tail. Adrian made a handsome Kirby. Huyson joined us later in the day after we rescued him from not one, but two sticky spots on hills.

On Sunday, we got in some time on slopes at North Star, and treated ourselves to a tasty lunch at the Chocolate Bar. Mhmmm.



All in all, it was a perfect little weekend. Exactly what this girl needed!

Now I just have to make it through till Saturday, when my family and I leave for the Grand Cayman Islands. I am so looking forward to some sunshine, warm air, laying out on the beach with a good book, and those drinks with the little umbrella’s. I can’t wait to feel some sunshine on my face.

It’s almost Friday! How is your week going? Are you as ready as I am for this week to be over?



Surprise Sale at Kate Spade

So many cute things at Kate Spade’s Surprise sale, it almost makes me want to break my no-spend month….almost!!

So, you guys need to get some cute things since I can’t. I love the following cute things, and I am sure they will be snapped up in just a few hours, so if you like anything, grab it while you can!

Did you spy anything you just love from the Surprise Sale? I hope you had a lovely weekend, I know I did! (photos coming soon!)

Happy Monday!



Why, Hello February

January was such a busy month!

This cute little thing just came in the mail! I always love getting new Kiel James Patrick boxes, because they come with the cutest packaging!

I was able to knock 7 things off my 101 in 1001 list. Wahoo!

1. Inspire someone to write their own list (Yay)
2. Go wine tasting with friends or family (Napa Valley was so beautiful)
35. Organize my Itunes
39. Find my signature cocktail (Lemondrop, oh so yummy)
63. Buy a plane ticket with frequent flier miles only (the Santa Fe trip in March)
98. Get a hammock (Given to me by the lovely Maureen!!)

Done and done!

I have a few more items I plan to cross off in the works for February, so it should be a great month!

It felt like every weekend in January was jam-packed, from going to Napa, having friends over for fun cocktails, to babysitting basically every day of the weekend. February looks to be as busy as January was, complete with a trip with friends to Tahoe and a family trip to the Cayman Islands (eeek!!). This may or may not have contributed to the radio silence here on the blog.

Work is going well, and teaching full-time makes for a busy day, but I have been slowly carving out gym time, which has been good to get back in my life. I have a dinner date set up with Annie and my favorite old proff to discuss the masters program at SCU for this fall. I’m both alternatively stoked and dreading going back to night classes.

I finally set up a savings plan so I now can look forward to one day having a fancy-pants camera and a KS watch sometime in the next year or so.

Oh, and February is my no-spending month, so wish me luck!

We had such a grey, rainy, perfect for snuggling with the pups weekend. I babysat for a lot of the weekend, but did manage to get in a few hours working on my quilt. It was a great way to finish out the week.

Happy February!