Spring Bucket List


There’s something so refreshing about waking up to sunshine in the crisp cool mornings, afternoons with lazy sun and bright blue skies. I think California is prettiest in the spring, when the days are getting longer, and are warm but not too hot. To me, those are the days where you roll open the window and breathe in the beautiful air.

I think springtime is a good time to get organized, tidy up the ol’ closet, and pull out that bike you haven’t used in a few months. I love spending as much time outside as possible once the weather turns nice.

Anything you look forward to doing in the springtime? I love days at the beach and sunshine filled afternoons at the park.




I don’t know about you, but I was a little late to the game on being obsessed with Serial. Have you heard about this podcast series? I listened to the first episode of two a while back with my brother whilst driving to Tahoe one long snowy trip last winter. Then I kinda forgot all about it.

Well, during my trip to Maui a few weeks back, I kinda listened to seasons one and two. It just, kinda happened! They are the easiest podcasts to listen to, I swear! In season one the author Sarah Koenig investigates the murder of a young girl name Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. A while later, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed is arrested and later convicted of killing her, and is currently serving life in prison. She interviews just about anyone she could to see if he really did it.

Season two is a bit more recent, and focuses on a U.S soldier named Bowe Bergdahl who was a POW of the Taliban for about 5 years, and was only recently released. Most recently, the army has charged him and is investigating the particulars of why he walked off from his post.

I mostly just laid out on the beach and had my headphone in and played episode after episode, it was just that good.

Have you gotten into either season one or two of Serial? Any other podcasts I should get into?



A day in Maui Part 2


For most of the week we were pretty low-key. We ate breakfast at our condo and had a slow morning. Then we would pack up our stuff, picked up some spam musubi’s, mango bread and coffee, and hit the beach. Often mid-day we needed a pick-me up, and upon the advice from friends and family we stopped at Ululani’s for a refreshing shaved ice.



It was honestly the best shaved ice I had ever had. They take filtered island water, and freeze it in big chunks, that they then shave down to make the ice. The first time I went for my usual childhood trifecta favorite of : lime, grape and cherry. A was more adventurous and tried tropical flavors. I tasted her’s, and agreed the flavors were amazing. The next day, my shaved ice flavors were passion orange, coconut and pineapple. I wish we could bottle that shaved ice up and have them here all the time, they were so good!

Have you had any food traveling that you wish you could have all the time at home?



A Week in Maui Day 1

This last week I was on holiday with A. We had decided in early January that we wanted to do a week in Hawaii, and had been trying for months to get our group of friends to commit. When we saw that we had the same week off for our February break, the first time we had overlapping breaks in the last few years, we booked our flights to Maui later that week.

In many ways, A and I are different. But in our love of travel, we are the same. I booked the rental car, and she a lovely, recently updated condo through VRBO. The last week of work I was simply counting down the days until there was sunshine, beaches and fruity drinks in my hand!

The first day we picked up groceries at whole food and then hit the beach after dropping our stuff off the the condo. We lounged for a while, and then picked up some delicious food at a tasty restaruarant called Nalu’s.

I ate this fantastic thing.

Acai Bowl

I need to find more places down here in San Jose that have acai bowls, as I’ve recently come to find that they are amazing and I don’t know where they have been all my life.

Any acai bowl places you would recommend? Any recipes I should try to make at home?