Le Tote


A few months ago a friend of mine had suggested I try Le Tote.  I had tried Stitchfix a while back, and had mixed reviews. A lot of the stuff they had sent me was cute, but after three boxes and having nothing fit, I was a little disappointed.

So, I tried Le tote, where you curate what you would like in each box, and can get as many boxes you would like in a month for a flat fee. My first box the fit was only so-so, but the next few most items fit well. You start with filling out a profile with your height, weight, age, and then from there select items from their website to add to your digital closet. You get total freedom in picking the items which go into your box. This was where it really diverges from Stichfix. Even after three boxes, they didn’t seem to get my fit or my style down. So for now, I’m hooked.

Also, the packaging is cute. :] I love that you wear everything, and just toss it all into a priority shipping bag included in your box. Easy, peasy!

Have you ever tried Le Tote, Trunk Club or Stichfix? I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of them!