Hello 2020


Every new year, January rolls around and it feels like a fresh start. We feel the desire to spring clean, tidy up our spaces, and try out new habits.

2020 is no different than previous years. As I look back over 2019, and 2018, there were so many good changes that kept me too busy to write as much as I wanted to. In June of 2019 I adopted an almost 9 month old yellow lab, and my house now felt more like a home.

In June of 2018 I bought my house, a charming, old, wooden beauty nestled in the heart of Old Santa Clara. We have done so much work on it, but its still a long way from where I see it ending up.

So you can say, June is more my month than January for good things to happen. But I have a good feeling about January in 2020.

Here’s to a happy and productive year my friends!