Cocoon Urban Day Spa

A few weeks ago, Annie and I booked a day at the spa. We got this crazy fantastic Group-on deal that was honestly a steal. Things had been stressful both at work and at home so spending the day in the city was exactly what this girl needed.We went to Cocoon Urban Day Spa, and I walked away feeling like a million dollars. I got a massage (first time!) and a mani-pedi. I felt so pampered. I picked  a bright summery color.




We followed it up by meeting Huyson for a tasty seafood lunch. We were starving by the time we got to the restaurant and ordered a staggering amount of food! We followed it up with dessert and it was a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday.


The ice cream was unbelievable! I look forward to eating more sweet treats as the weather is warming up and turning into summer.

Going to the Spa was on my 101 in 1001 list and it was so much fun to try something I had never done before.



A Week in Santa Fe

To make a long story short, I moved unexpectedly about a month earlier than planned, thus the radio silence here on the blog.

Otherwise, things have been going great! Work has been going very well, and while I am proud of all that I have done this year, I have so many ideas on how to make next year better, both as an art teacher and as a testing proctor. I have things settled enough at my new place, and just got Comcast today. Woot! The return of my internet means I can join civilization again.

Over my spring break my father and I visited an old high school friend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had never been, and it was a glorious week of eating tasty things, art galleries and seeing beautiful new places!


IMG_2293 IMG_8120 IMG_8142 IMG_8147 IMG_8151 IMG_8171 IMG_8173 IMG_8174 IMG_8175 IMG_8185 IMG_8186 IMG_2257 IMG_2283 IMG_2286 IMG_2316 IMG_8074 IMG_8079 IMG_8091 IMG_2248 IMG_2264 IMG_2269 IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2277 IMG_2302 IMG_2311 IMG_2315 IMG_2227 IMG_2230 IMG_2236 IMG_2238 IMG_2240 IMG_2244 IMG_2246


Over the week, my dad and I took a green chile cooking class, hiked a gorgeous mountain, enjoyed a fantastic little bookstore called Moby Dickens, and snarfed some delicious carrot cake!

Happy Weekend! What are you doing for your mother’s day tomorrow?