Beach Towels

I’m so excited for our beach-y week planned next week on Nantucket. Anytime I see a beach day coming on, I get excited, as time at the beach makes me really feel like summer is here!

As such, I’ve been looking for a new beach towel. I have one, but it’s looking a little ahem, ratty and faded. There are so many cute ones these day, I might have to spring for a new one!

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I normally make and bring a tumbler of ice coffee to the beach, but I was reading an article and stumbled upon a fun recipe to make Chai Iced Cubes! and it tickled my fancy.

This drinks looks like just the ticket to keeping me fresh and cool on the beach, I might have to whip up a batch and tell you how it goes!

Where do you find adorable beach towels? What sort of drinks do you bring to the beach to keep yourself cool?






4th of July Outfits

4th of July Outfits


I am so looking forward to 4th of July this year. We will be back from Nantucket just a few days before, and I hope to have a few tasty cocktails by the pool before watching the fireworks. I have a special red and white and blue striped shirt that I basically save all year to wear on 4th of July and I love it.
Do you know what you are wearing and or doing for the 4th? Do you have any fun 4th of July plans with friends or family?

Life Lately

Girls Day at the Beach

So this is a few snaps from the last week! It’s only been one short week of summer, but I’ve packed a lot in.

Three beach days in one Week!
Sun Hats

A and I hitting up the beach on Tuesday. Sun hats are crucial to not ending up with a sunburnt nose!

Summer Sunsets

We’ve had some pretty amazing sunsets here in San Jose, and I tried to capture the gorgeous colors we got last week!


We had a lovely mellow Father’s Day in Capitola with the whole fam (including the dog!) at a dog friendly beach, followed up by yummy food at Gayle’s Bakery.

How was your week? Do anything fun or summery?



Grad Night 2016

Grad Night 2016

Right after our Awards Ceremony last week, we rounded up all the seniors, boarded a party bus, and left for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  I had a small group of kiddos in my car, as I was the emergency vehicle driver, so if anything happens where we need to take a kid home, or to the hospital, I’m the get-away driver!

Grad Night 2016Grad Night 2016

We jammed out to tunes in my car and make it to the park a little before 10. The sun was just setting as we unloaded from the bus and onto the tram to head into the park. We passed out wrist-bands, reviewed our meet-up time, and let them loose in the park!

Grad Night 2016
I kicked it with the teachers sometimes, but mostly hung with a group of awesome seniors. I was a passenger in the go-carts, and screamed my head off at his driving. Somehow being over tired makes things both more fun and more hilarious!

We gathered up all the kids at 4:30 and jumped onto the bus. The kids slept like babies the whole drive back to campus, so I put in headphones and played some TSwift to help me stay awake. After everyone was picked up, I went home and slept the day away.

It was such a great grad night, I’m so proud of you Class of 2016!



Awards Ceremony


The school year is drawing to a close! Last week on Thursday we had our awards ceremony, and it was truly amazing to see so many of our students standing there proudly with their awards. This year our kids have really risen to new academic heights, which is exciting!

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When I think about where my students have come from, and how much work they have put into their education, I get a little teary eyed, and know that small things such as awards nights help validate their effort. I also love meeting and seeing students interact with their families, which is always so sweet.



School Fieldtrips

During the second to last week of May, we take our students on both college visits and on academic and adventure focused field-trips. On Monday I took my lovely juniors up to the City to explore San Francisco State. It was a bright blue sky kinda day, sunny, but brisk and windy. In short, it was as perfect in the city as it gets!

We explored their library, ate in their cool kid basement game room and lounge, and walked up to their rooftop viewing station!

For the next few days another teacher and I took a few kids to a rock climbing gym in Sunnyvale called Planet Granite. We rock climbed for the morning, and relaxed at the park in the afternoon. It was a great week spending time with the kids outside of the classroom!

Do you remember going on any fun school field-trips?



T Minus 7 Days

summer 2016

We are so close to the finish line, I can smell summer! It smells like salty beach air, windswept messy hair, sunscreen, and fresh fruit.

We started senior finals today, and have underclassman finals on Monday. Graduation is in one short week. I feel like each day is long, but the week is going by so quickly!

My students have helped me start packing up my room, and I’ve had so many interviews my head is swirling. I hope to have a decision by the end of the day! I’m both dreading and looking forward to summer. I am low on sleep and energy and my fridge/house is a bit scary! I want beach days, picnics at the park, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I am ready for summer! I can’t wait for a day at the beach with my friends!

Do you have any fun summer plans? Anything fun you are looking forward to?