Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags
I know it’s a few weeks after, but I was looking at some photos from NYFW and I saw so many bucket bags. It’s clear they are a style that has been around for a while, so it might be time to invest in one.
I tend to go for a unique style purse in a color I know I will use. I tend to wear a lot of white, navy and black, and prefer my purses in camel, navy or black. Some of the above ones are just too cute for me to pass over, but would be a seasonal purse, (like the mint and rose would be great for spring/summer)

4th of July Outfits

4th of July Outfits


I am so looking forward to 4th of July this year. We will be back from Nantucket just a few days before, and I hope to have a few tasty cocktails by the pool before watching the fireworks. I have a special red and white and blue striped shirt that I basically save all year to wear on 4th of July and I love it.
Do you know what you are wearing and or doing for the 4th? Do you have any fun 4th of July plans with friends or family?

Straw Totes

Straw Totes

One thing I’ve been keeping my eye on to pick out for summer is a new straw tote. They are perfect for loading up a bunch of things for a day at the beach, or running a few errands. I found a few at different price points, that all scream summer to me! They also seem so adorable, and perfect for different summer events, like picnics, or a light summer lunch out with girlfriends.

How do you feel about straw totes? Do you have one that you use when you spend a day at the beach with friends?



All About Kate Spade

All About Kate Spade

Kate Spade almond toe shoes

Kate Spade post earrings

Kate spade bangle

Reunited at last!

For the past three months, one of my friends has been living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She flew home yesterday and we grabbed lunch and gabbed like little birds. We got our nails done and did a bit of boutique jewelry shopping. I picked up a new bangle by Stella and Dot. It’s made by the same company that also makes J. Crew’s bangles, a little tidbit the cashier at Therapy mentioned when I purchased it.

There is something so polished about having your nails done. I’m not sure exactly how, but my outfits feel that much more pulled together when I have cute nails. Illogical, I know. But it’s every little bit true.

I also had fun wearing my new J. Crew flats that I bought a few weeks back. Aren’t they adorable?

I have the gold capped ones and they fit so perfectly!

I had been wanting to bust them out on a fun occasional but nothing had really fit the bill. So, I wore them the whole day and they didn’t give me any blisters, which was surprising since my other J.Crew wedges gave me insane ones earlier this summer.

These are the ones that gave me blisters, but in Navy!


Anyway, happy Tuesday!