Color Run in San Francisco

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About two weeks ago my mother and I went up to Candlestick Park for my Color Run. It was my first time running with them, and I had a blast. My mother took the following pictures while I ran the … Continue reading

Crossing things off My 101 List

February was very good to me!  I was able to cross off a few things on my 101 List including the following:


41. Track my spending (January and February 2014)

51. Don’t eat out for a while month (February 2014)

53. Buy all the Gilmore Girls DVDs  (I’m re-watching them and currently on Season 2, so good!)

84. Drink a glass of wine every night for a week (February 2014)

aaaannnnnddd I just crossed 96 off my list this past weekend, which was buy a whole cd. I just got the latest and greatest by Of Monsters and Men (it’s on repeat!). Love it.

This month I am working on: participating in a color run, which is coming up this Saturday, a three day juice cleanse, seeing the Great Gatsby movie, already started my month of Instagram every day, and am planning so many more.

How was your month of February? Did you get everything done that you wanted to?

I had a great weekend, which included starting up Fancy Fridays again.

Fancy Friday

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?



Miami Beach and the Everglades

The last day or two of our vacation was spent in Florida. We flew back to the US and took a tour of the Everglades, and then poked about my mother’s hometown. It was great to finally see the house that my mother grew up in, and see the city that she spent her youth in. I had grown up visiting my father’s parents and seeing his hometown almost every summer but this was my first time seeing my mother’s birthplace. The Everglades was beautiful, and bursting with wild-life.

We grabbed lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab and it was the perfect finish to a fantastic family vacation. It took all day on Sunday to get back to California (3 flights again!), but it was worth every minute of the travel to have a week in the Caribbean.

I hope everyone is getting a chance to relax this weekend! You’ve earned it.



Cayman Islands Part 3

Mahler -11

Mahler -14

Since coming back from the Cayman Islands, I have jumped back into my busy, stressful life. Grading (and yearbook) has been a big time sink lately and I look forward to the end of the quarter. I’m hoping for another week of amazing unplugged time during my next break, the first week of April.

It’s almost Friday!



Cayman Islands Part 2

The sun was warm, strong and made playing in the water that much sweeter. We snorkled most days and enjoyed hours of reading by the pool, in the hammock or on a beach towel. We checked out local places, and picked up some Tortuga Rum, Rum Cakes and other fun treats to bring back home. We munched on tasty coconut popsicles, watermelon soda and banana chips from the local grocery store in the afternoons by the beach.

Mahler -9 Mahler -12

Mahler -6 Mahler -1 Mahler -8

Mahler -4The smell of fresh ocean everyday, full bellies every night and copious amounts of sleep made for a week beyond unreal. It was a week I could do every year if I could. I came back feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of the school-year.

It makes me think every break I have should feel that good. I know I struggle with unplugging, but when you do, it’s better than you can every imagine.



Cayman Islands Part 1

Two weeks ago, my family and I flew to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Carribbeans for our first family vacation in years.I had been running pretty ragged between work, babysitting and fighting a nasty cold.

I had wanted warm water, sunshine,beautiful beaches and this trip was exactly what I needed!

Mahler -2 Mahler -3 Mahler -13There were iguanas everyone, our hotel was a dream, beautiful sunsets every night and warm sunshine-filled days. It was a perfect.More photos coming tomorrow.

Happy Monday! I know I swooned over some of the dresses at the Academy Awards, anybody watch them besides me?