Remember how scary high school was as a freshman? I do. I had an Algebra Honors teacher who terrified me. He was big. He was beefy. He coached football, and I didn’t make the team. (It was heartbreaking really). I learned a lot that year, like how to be terrifying.

Now, I command my art classroom with an iron paintbrush. I’m still awful at math, but I’m at least better dressed and only sometimes act my age!

I get paid to hang out with fourteen year-olds. Trust me, it’s a pretty sweet gig. There aren’t many jobs where dressing up as Waldo and hiding in a corner can be considered work-related activities.

Also I wear knee-high dinosaur socks on a regular basis. Rawr.

I am a young art teacher in search of the perfect first day of school outfit. I also cook and eat tons of yummy food with my family and our crazy beast of a dog, and have ridiculous amounts of fun with my friends.

I blog about the people, things and events that I love. I keep a running to-do list for my life, which is 101 things I hope to accomplish in 1001 days.



Sandy Mahler

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