Color Run in San Francisco

About two weeks ago my mother and I went up to Candlestick Park for my Color Run. It was my first time running with them, and I had a blast. My mother took the following pictures while I ran the race. I loved every minute of it. The sun was just coming up as we got there, and it warmed up just in time to start the race. People were running, jumping, screaming with happiness every time we ran through a color block, which was every kilometer. After the race, we munched on bars & lemonade, danced and threw more powder. I want run that race again, and again and again.

color run 1-1 color run 1-2 color run 1-3 color run 1-5 color run 1-6 color run 1-7 color run 1-9 color run 1-10 color run 1-11 color run 1-12 color run 1-15 color run 1-16 color run 1-17 color run 1-18 color run 1-22 color run 1-24 color run 1-25 color run 1-26 color run 1-28 color run 1-30 color run 1-31 color run 1-32 color run 1-34There were so many fun aspects of this race, from the unicorn mascot, to the all the people dressed up in tutus, wigs and more, to the girl that ran with her pup!

I hope you get the chance to run in a Color run sometime, it was the best race I’ve ran so far!