Turning 28

Hello Friends, My birthday fell on a Wednesday, which was pretty exciting to liven up a midweek day. My co-workers were very sweet, and got me flowers, balloons and even a chai tea latte (they know my love of chai … Continue reading

Nantucket Day 3

Tuesday morning my dad and I walked down to a local coffeeshop, where we had discovered they made not only an excellent espresso for my father, but a sweet and strong chai for me. Not all coffeeshops have a good chair, so once you find a place, put your feet down and stay a while. The Handlebar Cafe was once of those places. While the interior was charming and comfy, the fresh air and corner garden was where we lounged the most. It had a “secret garden” feel to it with ivy winding around arbors, and small table sets. We spent most of the morning there as my brother slept off his cold.

We looked into a few stores, and walked down to the pier where all the ferries take off from. We decided to go to the Brotherhood of Thieves for lunch upon recommendation from our at home neighbor, who is now a second year college student, a far cry from the little girl I babysat and came to this island with so many moons ago. I had a fantastic pot pie (i am picky about having a flaky crust and enough filling) along with a yummy summer salad. I had never had Spindrift before, so I might have had two of those with lunch!


We ended up back at the house with a Redbox movie to watch and enjoyed a mellow evening at the house as a family lounging on the couch.

Have you ever had a really good chicken pot pie? Are you particular about the crustiness of your bread as well?



Beach Towels

I’m so excited for our beach-y week planned next week on Nantucket. Anytime I see a beach day coming on, I get excited, as time at the beach makes me really feel like summer is here!

As such, I’ve been looking for a new beach towel. I have one, but it’s looking a little ahem, ratty and faded. There are so many cute ones these day, I might have to spring for a new one!

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

I normally make and bring a tumbler of ice coffee to the beach, but I was reading an article and stumbled upon a fun recipe to make Chai Iced Cubes! and it tickled my fancy.

This drinks looks like just the ticket to keeping me fresh and cool on the beach, I might have to whip up a batch and tell you how it goes!

Where do you find adorable beach towels? What sort of drinks do you bring to the beach to keep yourself cool?






Union Station and the Bradbury Building

Last week my father and I  spent the week in L.A  visiting a family friend. We stayed in South Pasadena and explored different sections of L.A over the week. We brunched, dined, drank iced coffee each day (sometimes twice!), visited museums, and saw the Hollywood sign.

On Tuesday we took the train to downtown Union Station, and walked to the Bradbury building. Completed in 1893, the Bradbury building was designed by Sumner P. Hunt and George H. Wyman. The interior has a lovely airy feeling, flooded with light due to the glass ceiling. Built in an era with an eye for details, every element of the building is polished and elegant.


Union Station

the Bradbury Building

I’m now obsessed with the iced chai at Intelligentsia. It was creamy, sweet and perfect in the hot heat of L.A. What’s your favorite drink on a hot day?



Mum’s Birthday Dinner, Baking, and A New Car

Last night we celebrated Mum’s birthday. We had a delicious dinner. We started off with some avocado crostini’s.

Avocado Crustini's

Avocado Crostini’s

We had Stolen Chicken for the main course. I love the potatoes and veggies that come along with it.

Our tasty stolen chicken.

Our tasty stolen chicken.

My Dad has been bringing in ripe tomatoes everyday from his garden. He tried a new kind this summer and they look amazing. The smell of them feels like summer is still here.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden

Fresh tomatoes from the garden


Today was a great day. I woke up and read in bed for a while with one snuggly pup (the other was at puppy class). I went grocery shopping.  The grey skies and cool weather put in the mood to bake. I started with making some chai, and then tumbled into baking some banana bread.


Robert came over and showed off his swanky new car! Its a 2013 Honda Civic. It’s beautiful! It was pouring for a while so we settled on making some carrot-cake in celebration of his new wheels.

His celebratory carrot-cake!

His celebratory carrot-cake!

After a while it stopped raining and I was able to snap a picture of the his new wheels! He refuses to let me take a normal picture of him, so pardon his silly faces on all of the photos.

The new vehicle.

The new vehicle + his carrot cake doggy bag!

I'm not sure what he is doing here...

I’m not sure what he is doing here…

After the flour had settled we watched something on Netflix and the other pup and I snuggled on the couch. I stepped away to gather my things and she curled up in the warmth of my spot. Isn’t she cute?

My other snuggly puppy

My other snuggly puppy

How was your Saturday? Did you get a chance to kick back and relax? Have any fun things planned for tomorrow?