Turning 28

Hello Friends, My birthday fell on a Wednesday, which was pretty exciting to liven up a midweek day. My co-workers were very sweet, and got me flowers, balloons and even a chai tea latte (they know my love of chai … Continue reading



Recently I’ve had a few lovely visits from former LPS students. I feel so blessed to have so many of them still here in the area, and love to see what they are up to.

One student from my first year at LPS came the week before break and kept me company at school. I have moved classrooms since he was there, and have two new art classes that I offer. I was very excited to hear how he has returned to college courses and is doing well working and being a student. It makes me so pleased to see them doing well as adults, kinda like a proud parent I suppose. :]


A few weeks back, two darling alumni from last year came and surprised me at my dance studio. They had decided that watching me tap was an entertaining way to spend their Monday evening. They brought me balloons and make me posters. It was such a sweet surprise!

I feel so lucky to have such sweet alumni! Have you ever had some great surprise? Or planned any fun surprise for someone else?