Turning 28

Birthday Love

Hello Friends,

My birthday fell on a Wednesday, which was pretty exciting to liven up a midweek day. My co-workers were very sweet, and got me flowers, balloons and even a chai tea latte (they know my love of chai already!).

Birthday Love Birthday Love

The girls at school all sang to me, in every period including yearbook, and I was off to dinner at my parents house. I was very excited to have Chef Chu’s for dinner, and my mom was able to score a fruit tart per my request. (thanks mom!) It was a pretty great day.

Birthday Love unnamed-5

Year 27 had a lot of ups and downs, between the sadness of watching LPS close, and the pride and joy I felt at watching my beloved seniors walk the stage at graduation, closing the chapter on my Willow Glen apartment, moving back to Santa Clara and starting at my new school Notre Dame.

I hope year 28 turns out well, I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

Thanks for all the birthday love, it really made my day feel so special.