Union Station and the Bradbury Building

Last week my father and I  spent the week in L.A  visiting a family friend. We stayed in South Pasadena and explored different sections of L.A over the week. We brunched, dined, drank iced coffee each day (sometimes twice!), visited museums, and saw the Hollywood sign.

On Tuesday we took the train to downtown Union Station, and walked to the Bradbury building. Completed in 1893, the Bradbury building was designed by Sumner P. Hunt and George H. Wyman. The interior has a lovely airy feeling, flooded with light due to the glass ceiling. Built in an era with an eye for details, every element of the building is polished and elegant.


Union Station

the Bradbury Building

I’m now obsessed with the iced chai at Intelligentsia. It was creamy, sweet and perfect in the hot heat of L.A. What’s your favorite drink on a hot day?