Grad Night 2016

Grad Night 2016

Right after our Awards Ceremony last week, we rounded up all the seniors, boarded a party bus, and left for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  I had a small group of kiddos in my car, as I was the emergency vehicle driver, so if anything happens where we need to take a kid home, or to the hospital, I’m the get-away driver!

Grad Night 2016Grad Night 2016

We jammed out to tunes in my car and make it to the park a little before 10. The sun was just setting as we unloaded from the bus and onto the tram to head into the park. We passed out wrist-bands, reviewed our meet-up time, and let them loose in the park!

Grad Night 2016
I kicked it with the teachers sometimes, but mostly hung with a group of awesome seniors. I was a passenger in the go-carts, and screamed my head off at his driving. Somehow being over tired makes things both more fun and more hilarious!

We gathered up all the kids at 4:30 and jumped onto the bus. The kids slept like babies the whole drive back to campus, so I put in headphones and played some TSwift to help me stay awake. After everyone was picked up, I went home and slept the day away.

It was such a great grad night, I’m so proud of you Class of 2016!



GradNight at Disneyland

Summer started about about two weeks ago. It began with a crazy, two day spree to Disneyland with my seniors for Grad-night. I have never laughed so hard, or been so tired. It was an epic amount of fun.

We piled onto a large Coach bus with a grand total of four chaperones for 40 odd seniors and tons of snacks and drinks. It took us 8 hours to get there, and had about 8 hours at Disneyland. It was a perfect way to start my summer.

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They had a Grad lounge in Ariel’s Grotto for the chaperones, where they had tasty snacks, and caffeine in multiple forms. It was necessary since we were in Disneyland until 2:30am. California Adventure closed at 10pm to the general public, but was still open for the grad-night students and chaperones, so the lines were short! We saw fireworks in Disneyland and they were beautiful.  They had many Grad-night decorations everywhere, including an awesome lights show at 2am.

We crawled onto the bus and everyone was sleeping like a baby on the way back. I know I will miss my seniors, but for now, it was a great way to end the school-year.