A weekend in L.A

Disneyland Castle

Hello Friends,

About six months ago, my besty and I talked about going back to Harry Potter world. While we enjoyed our weekend in Florida last January, we decided it was time to try the new location in Los Angeles as well as a visit to Disneyland. Then, we settled on a weekend to go, which is hard between her and my work schedules. We found a weekend in late January that worked for both of us.

We drove down Thursday night and the traffic was long and tiring, but still reasonable. We rose bright and early powered by coffee and and omelette we split. We wore our walking shoes and enough gear to make it into the evening where it would get chilly. We dumped our warm gear into a locker and were off to the lines of Disneyland.


Proof she actually rode a roller coaster! She seemed to enjoy it, oddly enough for a person who doesn’t like roller coasters. :]

unnamed-10We had a fanastic lunch at Carthay Circle. I had a fantastic salmon with veggies and spinach. Followed up by an impressive amount of sweets from the various shops.


We walked so many steps both days, it really was impressive. It only slightly offset the eating we were doing.

It was also the Lunar New Year when we were there, so they had decor and special food for that week, which was a new twist to our Disneyland adventure.

Lunar New Year Lunar New Year

They had a wall where you could write a wish or dream for the new year and hang it. It was really inspiring to see all the hopes and dreams for the new year.

I had so much fun at Disneyland, but came home both days so exhausted! So many people, lots of standing in lines, but it was a great two days there for sure!

Have you been to Disneyland? What rides do you like?