Class of 2016

This year I was able to celebrate two big things at work, my first was teaching the pilot AP Studio Art class at my school. I’ve always loved art, and bringing AP to this school had been a dream of mine during my first year here. I wanted to share our class photo on the day that we submitted our portfolios to our AP Coordination in May.

AP ArtI’m missing a few students in the photo above (Sorry Belen, Ariana, Karina, and Jason!) But they worked so hard this whole year that I thought they all deserved a shout-out, which is an LPS tradition here on campus.

Class of 2016

Most of the students I taught were seniors, and I have had the privilege of teaching all the seniors in our graduating class over the last two years. I cannot wait to see what they do with their very bright futures! I will miss you all dearly, come visit me at my new school!