Google Fieldtrip

I can’t believe I didn’t ever post these pictures. Sometime in December, I took a small group of students along with our community outreach coordinator to Google. He planned it all, I mostly showed up cause it sounded like an amazing fieldtrip, which it was. :]

We wandered around their upstairs visitors museum, which the kids absolutely loved, including the ball pit. I loved seeing their Google Timeline, which included early whole company staff photos. Eventually, they got too big for that too happen, but the early years looked like a lot of fun. We walked around a good bit and looked at their various buildings & learned about some of their latest projects.

We ate a delicious lunch (the kids were blown away by all the different food cafeterias) and then drove back to campus. It was such a great day with the kids!

Do you remember taking any fun fieldtrips in high school? Which were your favorite?