Do you want to build a snowman?

On Friday, Annie, Adrian and I drove up to my parents cabin in Tahoe. It snowed the whole weekend, which was perfect for us to get some fresh powder. When we had gone up at Christmas, it had looked a little bare and brown.

The new snow transformed everything into a sleepy wonderland. We slept in, made tasty food, and watched the Winter Olympics while it snowed. Later on Saturday, we played in the snow, had snowball fights, sledded down the the hill in the backyard, and built some funny looking snow-women, in our case. Annie and I made Dwight, a two-headed dinosaur woman complete with a spiky tail. Adrian made a handsome Kirby. Huyson joined us later in the day after we rescued him from not one, but two sticky spots on hills.

On Sunday, we got in some time on slopes at North Star, and treated ourselves to a tasty lunch at the Chocolate Bar. Mhmmm.



All in all, it was a perfect little weekend. Exactly what this girl needed!

Now I just have to make it through till Saturday, when my family and I leave for the Grand Cayman Islands. I am so looking forward to some sunshine, warm air, laying out on the beach with a good book, and those drinks with the little umbrella’s. I can’t wait to feel some sunshine on my face.

It’s almost Friday! How is your week going? Are you as ready as I am for this week to be over?