101 in 1001


Happy New Year

Hello Friends,

I know resolutions are a split topic, people either plan them and love them, or scoff at them knowing they are often forgotten once February rolls around. My resolution the last few years have been less focused on negative actions, and more on a positive plan. My 2016 resolution was to be more healthy, and I think I achieved that. I see a personal trainer a few times a week, have a dance class I attend on Mondays, and meal prep on Sunday for the work week. I certainly feel stronger, which is a nice feeling. I instead prefer to think longer term, which is why I created a list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in 1001 days. If you were reading my blog a few years back, I started it around New Years time.

My 101 list ended in late September, and due to the new job and my move to Santa Clara, it fell off my radar. I am pleased to say that I completed a good many things on the list.

I was able to complete 68 of the items on my list, which is more than I honestly expected to cross off. I’ve been brainstorming the next one, and I’ll keep you posted once I finalize it.

But for now, let’s talk about the highlights of the ones I completed.

Image From Daily Fancies & Pinterest

Image From Daily Fancies & Pinterest

13. See a Taylor Swift Concert. It was such a fun evening. The girl knows how to put on a show.

22. Visit Harry Potter World in Florida. A and I flew in January to Florida and I had such a blast. A and I have plans to visit the L.A version in January and I can’t wait.

48. Photo Shoot for the whole Family. I bribed one of my coworkers from my old school to photograph us. This was my favorite picture out of all of them.

60. See another Frank Lloyd Wright Building. My dad and I toured the Marin Civic Center over my summer holiday.


Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What is it? Have you heard of a 101 in 1001 Days List? Would you like to make one?