Taylor Swift Concert

Earlier in the year, I saw Taylor Swift would be coming to Santa Clara to perform. Later that day, I was chatting with Maryah and her roommate Taylor, and we decided to get tickets. I had a budget I was trying to adhere to, so we had a price limit on where we could sit. We also wanted to sit all three of us together, so that was tricky as well.

We ended up getting tickets for a semi-reasonable price (any concert is always expensive it seems), and we were set. I was particularly excited about seeing her, as I had never been to a Taylor Swift concert, and it was #13 on my bucket 101 List. 

We planned the concert arrival well, and had a friend drop of us off to avoid the hassle of parking. It was a warm day, but we were going to be sitting pretty high up, where it could (and did!) get windy. As we walked up, they had these cute mini-photo-booth holders for fans to take pictures. Maryah and Taylor obliged me by taking a picture of all three of us.

Taylor Swift Concert 2015

I had never been to Levi Stadium before, but it was massive, clean and well staffed. Taylor had two opening acts, and then at around 8 she came on stage. She played all of the songs from her current CD 1989 and roughly one song from each of her previous albums.  All of her costumes were short, sparkly and totally fun! She had backgrounds with amazing lighting, backup dancers and singers, a swizzle catwalk the lifted and turned, flames and fireworks at the end!

Girl knows how to put on a show. We got bored waiting for her to come on, so we took some silly pictures.

Taylor Swift Concert 2015 Taylor Swift Concert 2015 Taylor Swift Concert 2015 Taylor Swift Concert 2015

Sorry for my shaky hands, I was too excited to properly film it straight apparently!

After the show, we ended up walking home. It was only a little over a mile, but it meant we got to skip out on all the crazy traffic that occurs after 80,000 people come to see a little country artist turned pop artist play.

It was a pretty awesome concert, I know see what the hype is about. :] Have you ever see one of your favorite artists in concert? Was it all that you imagined it would be?