Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building

Hello Friends,


The weekend before Halloween, SCU unveiled their brand spankin’ new art building to the public. They had a big affair open to all, and a smaller private alum event after that. I had a previous engagement of a baby shower, so I was only able to swing by for the smaller alum event, which honestly was more my speed. I wandered around exploring all the nooks and cranny’s of the new building, and boy, did it impress me!


Although my time at SCU’s old art building was pretty grand, the building was small, aged, tired and small on space. The new building is three stories tall, with sweeping balconies, tons of classroom space and is a real space to showcase student work.



On a lark, I stopped by the old building on my way to my car. They have already updated it, moved walls, doors and even added a hallway as they utilize the space in a new way. The heart and soul of the old building is gone, with freshly white painted walls they covered up all our messy paint marks, oil stained sinks, bathroom art and years of love in that hall.

So many good memories in that old hall, but I’m sure the art students of classes today with make their mark soon enough on the new building!



Class of 2011

Hello Friends!

The first weekend in Oct. my university had their reunion weekend. It’s a big event at Santa Clara that runs from Thursday through Sunday. I had reached out to a few alumni friends that I still keep in touch with, and we decided that although the events at Santa Clara sounded fun, we wanted something a bit more intimate. We sent a group text to all of friends from my year and picked a time and place.

Sunday evening we all met up at Santana Row for a group dinner at Maggiano’s. We ended up eating some delicious pasta, catching up on the last five years, and reminiscing on various shenanigans that we did during our time at SCU. I ate too many carbs, laughed a lot and smiled until my face hurt. I had forgotten, as we all do with time, how much fun I really had in college with these great people.

We asked a waiter to take a photo, and although the first one we had scary red eyes and cut off some peoples body parts (Sorry Katie!) the second waiter was a much better photographer. We hugged it all out, and parted ways, hopefully to see each other again far sooner than our 10 year reunion.

(Oh shoot, now you know how old I really am..) ;]



Mail Delivery

There are so many things in life that you work for: getting good grades, passing AP exams, staying up late working on college apps, walking across a stage for your high school diploma, studying your butt off in college, meeting quarterly with your advisor who still can’t remember your name, prettying up your resume for your your first job application, getting rejected and working on 100+ more resumes and cover letters, applying again for grad school and so many other small things that build to even bigger things.

Today, I got a pretty, white envelope in the mail. Holding for me, the holy grail: my master’s diploma.

So, folks, I’m here to tell you that every late night, every emptied highlighter, and used book from E-bay is worth it.

Fighting for what you want is worth it.

Master's Diploma

And it was truly perfect timing, as my birthday is tomorrow!

What’s something big that you have worked hard for?



Class of 2015

I was so proud of each and every one of students as they walked across the beautiful stage in Mayer Theater at Santa Clara University on June 10th. It warms my heart to that my students graduation ceremony is at the … Continue reading

BookFairs, Starbucks, Froyo and Rain

I believe every week in December will hold something amazing. This year my alma mater had their annual December book-fair, which is something I always look forward to. Even though they have moved to a new campus, and have tons of new staff, I always enjoy coming back and seeing the few people that made my middle school years so memorable.

GMS BookFair


Our librarian Walter, is a professional story-teller and always reads a chapter or a portion of a book. This year, it was a co-telling by Walter and Esther and it was amazing.

My masters classes at Santa Clara University and work vamping up heading into a second set of finals meant most days I am burning the candle at both ends. So, I treated myself to coffee and a manicure, and to some yummy fro-yo after babysitting all day.  There’s something so decadent about taking time for just yourself, especially in the midst of the holiday chaos. It was exactly what I needed.

Sundays at StarbucksFro-Yo

We had a pretty epic storm here last week, but I settled in to my itty-bitty apartment to binge-watch Gilmore Girls and eat soup! I loved every rain-soaked minute, including the tippy-tippy-tap of rain on the roof, wearing my rain-boots every day for a week, and the fresh clean scent of the air after it rains. We got some pretty gorgeous sunrises and clouds after a week of pouring rain.

Storm-Aggedon of 2014 Storm-Aggedon of 2014 Storm-Aggedon of 2014Storm-Aggedon of 2014

When you are pushing yourself too hard (either at work, or school, or both!), how do you relax?