Building a Better Art Classroom

Hi Friends,

Many of you know I work at a small charter high school in San Jose. I am so pleased to tell you that I am offering AP Art as a brand new class this fall. Unfortunately, our district lacks enough funding to purchase the necessary art supplies and our parents cannot help support financially. I have created a wish-list on two different sites to help my students reach their dream of taking AP art. I would really appreciate anything that you can donate (even if it’s only five or ten dollars).

We are also a non-profit 501C3, so anything you donate is considered a charitable donation and thus a tax write-off. 

Give to my Classroom by May 16th, 2015 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Donors Just enter the code SPARK at the payment page and you’ll be match dollar for dollar (up to 100$).

If you chip in to help my students, you’ll get awesome photos, our heartfelt thanks in a student handwritten letter! Thanks so much!

Ps. If you know anyone that might want to help my classroom, please pass this along!

Miss Mahler and her amazing students.