Dogs, Cats and Dentists

Today is my last day of work for this week, and it is a short day because I have an emergency visit to the dentist. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike going to the dentist. I like my dentist, I really do, but the poking, prodding, and the noises really stress me out. I always walk away feel sore at the gums.

On Sunday, I broke my bottom retainer. Like completely out of my mouth (it’s a bridge glued in to my teeth).

So, instead of freaking out about it, I am going to look at these cute pictures of my lovely snuggle-buddies, and think happy thoughts about what I will get on Black Friday.





I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know the pups are a big stress reliever for me. What do you do to relieve stress?

Can’t wait for Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats and Dentists

  1. Awww. Cuties ^^
    I hope your visit isn’t as frightening as you make it to be. Positive thinking 🙂

    Music is my stress reliever ❤ The rhythm reels you in


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