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Fall in Love with Fall

I personally really love Fall. I like all of the things that make the cold crisp mornings and start of a new season feel so much better. So without adieu, here is my welcome to Fall Bucket List!

Fall 2015

  • Explore a corn maze
  • Pick out some pumpkins to decorate your house with (i love the white mini-ones!)
  • Bake a pie
  • Make Chili (I love my dad’s recipe!)
  • Go apple picking (have a sunday planned to do that with my brother)
  • Make s’mores
  • Build a crackling fire and enjoy a good book
  • Decorate pumpkins
  • Smell cinnamon Candles at Bath & Body Works and try not to buy every Fall/Holiday candle scent
  • Pull out the ol’ galoshes and splash in puddles
  • Cozy up with your blankets on the couch watching the fall shows premiere ( i’m so excited for so many shows to return)
  • Go for an early morning walk in the crisp foggy air
  • Decorate your front door or porch with some cute fall decorations
  • Start planning your halloween costume
  • Start your morning with a steaming cup of tea instead of coffee
  • find and devour ALL of the candy corn


I also love October because it’s my birthday month. Even without that special date, I love everything about the summer ending and a new season beginning. This year it really felt like our California summer lasted from March to well, now! I am really looking forward to pulling out my box of mittens, hats, scarfs and fuzzy socks!

How do you celebrate fall? Do you like the cooler temperatures of the upcoming weeks or do you wish summer would stick around?



Work, Testing and Becoming a Yearbook Teacher,

Work has been busy, and it occurs to me that I haven’t really talked about what the Roomie and I do during the day.

The Roomie and I work together at a small charter high school in san Jose. I teach two periods of intro to art, and then work as the site testing coordinator for the rest of the afternoon. I tackle a combination of paperwork from MAPS (Measure of Academic Progress), CELDT (California English Language Development) CAHSEE ( California High School Exit Exam) and most recently added PSAT and SAT Testing for our school. I organise, assist proctor, proctor the tests, and then collect and ship all the documents back.

In one aspect, it is nice that I teach for a bit, and then get to format the rest of the day any way I choose. But, it is also a lot of paperwork to read through (Dull stuff too), and mind-numbing test proctoring. I have been playing a lot of catch-up in both sections in addition to starting my BITSA training.

Also, I am the yearbook coordinator for our school. Getting that program ( a club at lunch really) up and running has been a lot of fumbling in the dark since there aren’t many notes left from my predecessor. He has been helpful, but I am making a lot of decisions that I hope will pan out well!! We shall wait and see.

The Roomie is also working hard, and teaches the girls soccer team after-school. We get home most days around 6, and dive into dinner and cuddle time with the pups. They sorely miss us, so we try to give them lots of love when we are home. Our days are long but the weeks tend to fly by. We have been very busy with the quarter ending this past Monday, so writing posts has somewhat fallen to the wayside. Now that I have had a few weeks of work under my belt, I am hoping to build gym time and blogging time back into my daily life. I also just got a Canon Rebel Xti from work to play around with for yearbook, so expect more photo saturated posts coming soon!

Today and tomorrow Roomie and I are at a professional development session at our sister school in Hayward. Tomorrow my group (the art teachers), are hitting up museums in San Fran, so expect a photo filled entry tomorrow!

Happy almost Friday! (it feels like one to me since we don’t have students for two days!)

Ps. What should I be for Halloween? I have no clue!