San Francisco and a Christmas Tree Farm

My brother and I start our Thanksgiving week off right, baking a cinnamon coffee cake (a family recipe and total favourite of ours) and working in front of a crackling fire. On Friday, my Dad, Cheech and I drove up … Continue reading

Sandy and Maryah’s Stella and Dot Trunk Show!

The Roomie and I had decorated our tree earlier last week and I think it looks adorable, but most importantly it also makes our little house feel very Christmas-y!

Our baby Christmas Tree.

Our baby Christmas Tree.

It was perfect because on Saturday the Roomie and I hosted our very own first Stella and Dot Party with Christina Saur Papoulias! It was such a blast to look at some beautiful jewels and have some girl time. Our kitchen has never looked so classy!

Christina made our place look so beautiful! She had so many cute things, it was hard to pick what I was going to order, because I liked everything. But, I’m in love with their poufs! I want one in every color! How cute are these two?!

Elephant Pouf

Elephant Pouf-Image from Stella & Dot

Striped Pouf

Striped Pouf-Image from Stella and Dot

The Roomie got the Tech Wallet in the Striped at a friend’s Stella and Dot Party last month, and I am super jealous how cute AND organized it is! It holds her phone, wallet and clips her keys!

Striped Tech Wallet-Image from Stella and Dot

Striped Tech Wallet-Image from Stella and Dot

It was a fantastic opportunity to do some Christmas shopping for my friends and family. I also got to use my cute new glasses that I picked up during Thanksgiving holiday break.

My cute new holiday glasses!

My cute new holiday glasses!

We had a whole lot of fun, and even dressed the pups up in some sparkly jewels! While they were patient for their treats, they were also very wiggly!

Nala wearing the Daisy Pearl Necklace

Reese’s wearing the Maldives necklace

Reese’s wearing the Mae Necklace

I ordered a few things, as did the roomie (including this super cute purse!!). Here is some good news: even if you weren’t able to make it on Saturday, you can still order  some fabulous jewelry!

If you use our link before Deceember 28th, and spend more than 50$ you will get free shipping! How awesome is that?! Normally shipping can be an extra few dollars that I would much rather spend on an extra something for myself! Now, you can do that for sure! I know I have my eye on a few more cute things!

Shop now at Sandy and Maryah’s Stella and Dot Trunk Show!

Happy Shopping ladies! (And gents, there are some great gift ideas there!)


Stockings Holders, Ornaments, and Trees

When I was younger, we often decorated our house for Christmas on the same day that we got our Christmas Tree. Getting our Christmas tree though, was always an adventure!

We would pile into our big, comfy, green Ford Explorer, and head into the mountains. After getting lost for a few minutes we would discount the first few tree farms, because predictably they would be picked over. We would settle on a farm, grab our jackets, put a leash on our pup, and head into the wet wintery forest. Finding the perfect tree has become somewhat of a routine. We can’t go with the first tree we find, because there might be a better one out there. We usually haggle over the final tree, because I want a Charlie Brown tree, while the family wants a wide, large tree with evenly spaced out boughs. I wanted the homeliest tree out there, to take home because no one else would. Often, I lose the vote and we get a tree that is tall, wide, and barely fits on our car, let alone in the family room.

When my brother and I went away to college, sometimes we got our tree closer to Christmas, sometimes we would even pick one Thanksgiving weekend. Last year, we joined with another family for the Christmas tree selection, and it was a blast. This year, we plan on going with the Issa Family again, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. When we picked a tree during Thanksgiving break, we also decorated the house.

Now that I have my own place, I have been itching to get cute Christmas decorations. I have been resisting these cute things for a few days now, but I might give in!

My mom and I were the two that usually were anxious to pull out the Christmas Boxes and decorate the whole house. I usually was in charge of the Christmas Tree decorations, while either my dad or my brother did the lights on the tree. To this day, decorating the tree is one my of favorite holiday rituals. I love that the holidays are finally here.

Happy Wednesday!