Nantucket Day 6

The Juice Bar

Our last day on Nantucket we started out with breakfast at Fog Island Cafe.  From there my dad and I browsed a little bit in downtown where I picked up a few things. We went back to the house and packed up.

The Juice Bar

We walked into town and stopped for some tasty ice cream at the Juice Bar. I remember coming here in high school during the summer I was on this island with the kids I babysat.

The Juice BarThe Juice Bar

Their ice cream is unbelievably good! We all got a scoop and sat on a bench in the sunshine while we ate.

What’s the best ice cream you have ever had?



One thought on “Nantucket Day 6

  1. Blue Bell’s ice cream down here in Texas is pretty good, but it looks like I’ll have to make a visit to Nantucket some day 😁


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