Nantucket Day 4

Beach Day

Wednesday morning was cool and crisp with a morning full of fog. We started off the day with an hour or two at the beach, and then explored Bartlett’s farms. If I lived on the island, this would be one of my weekly places to shop, as they had so much yummy food!

Bartlett's Farm Bartlett's Farm Bartlett's Farm

They had this super cute pop up shop that they were just setting up outside, and they had this little mini car that I kinda wanted to tuck into my suitcase. It was so summery and nautical, but my apartment is so small it wouldn’t really fit. But a girl can dream!

From there we explored Cisco Brewery, which was this charming little place that had a food truck, an outside picnic area and a bunch of tasty food and drinks to enjoy.

We took a short break at the house, and then the three of us went for a walk. We had heard of a great sandwich shop called Something Natural, and hoped to pick up something on a later day. They happened to have the largest and most delicious oatmeal cookies that I’ve had in a long time. I don’t like chocolate, and so when a store has oatmeal raisin cookies, I feel like it is my duty to taste-test them. :]

Something Natural

They were delicious. From there we walked back to our house, and got gussied up for a dinner at the Chanticleer. Although ‘Sconset was only about 15 minutes from our little house, the weather turned as we drove into sleepy little ‘Sconset. It was much cooler and foggier, which I enjoyed as we were eating outside on the patio. The house was charmingly draped in pink and red roses.

The Chanticleer

Our food was pretty good, but the view and atmosphere was elegant and totally made the experience so lovely. We followed our dinner up with some creme brulee, which is one of my favorite desserts. If it’s on the dessert menu, then I’m ordering it!

Are there any desserts that you can’t resist? Any restaurants where the decor really makes the place?