Fresh Start, Apple-Picking and Classes

I feel like each day feels really long, but the weeks and months go by quickly. Fall and Christmas are two of my favorite seasons, so I am trying to soak up every small moment.

I officially had my first day that was also my students first day this year. Which to me, feels like a big mile-stone. The last two years, I was hired mid-year, which always meant starting a job feeling constantly behind.

It was fantastic to have two weeks to prep my classroom, my content and lectures, my syllabi, basically everything.

My first day of my second year at LPS:

1st Day of High School


N, A and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday picking Apples at a gorgeous apple farm about an hour south of the Bay Area. It was a perfect fall Sunday activity, one that I hope we go back again next year. We picked tons of apples, boysenberry ice cream, freshly pressed apple juice and brought home other tasty things! It was a grey, chilly day, so we didn’t get great photos, but I did snag a cute one with my dear A.



Annie and I had a rocky start to our Masters program at SCU. In short, it was stressful, frustrating, and unclear. But at this point, we have basically half of the program done in previous credits, so it seemed equally aggravating to start over somewhere new.

We showed up on Monday early in September, and met with a counselor to register, the same Monday that classes started. It turns out she was working off an old class schedule sheet, and so when we showed up on Tuesday, the class was really on Thursday. In order to blow off  some steam, we went to the mall, and relaxed for a little while.


I’m feeling more settled into my new apartment, but I haven’t had much time to pretty it up. I’m saving up for a new couch, and working towards organizing what I want hanging on my walls. Hopefully I’ll have something to show soon. Any places you love to look for decorating tips?

Happy Wednesday! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming long weekend.