Montréal Part 2-Chagall, Chocolates, Tea

Hello Friends,

The next day in Montréal was grey and drizzly. We decided to beat the rain and check out the current Chagall exhibit at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.  It was a vibrant and large exhibit.

After that we stepped out into the rainy day, popping into a chocolate shop for something warm to drink.

We walked from the Musée over to downtown to again see if we could get tickets at the Basilica for the lights show Aura. We were thwarted again in the office because a half hour to closing they had already closed up the cash register. We would have to try again another day.

We got soaked walking to the Basilica and took refuge in a tea shop to dry out.

I picked out this fruity lychee black tea. They showed us the tea process and it was quite a different process than how we make tea at home! They used a round of hot water to warm everything up first, the tea pot, the steeper and my mug. Then they added the hot water to make the first small pot and only let it steep for about a minute. They left a larger pitcher of hot water at our table and we could make as many pots as we wanted to.  We sat and read and dried out from the drenching we had gotten.

Finally we wandered back to the hotel and ended up eating a second dinner at L’Express and then went to bed. So yummy.

Have you ever been to Montréal?