Montreal Part 1- Bakery, Marché, Notré-Dame

Hello Friends,

In the fall, my dad and I got together for dinner and starting thinking about locations for my Spring Break. I feel so lucky to have a whole week off in the spring, and usually spend it traveling somewhere with my parents. I love the family time, the difference in my weekly routine, the food, and the trip itself of course. This time we looked at a bunch of international locations, but due to the length of my time off, we eventually settled on Canada. I had been only as a small child, but not in recent years. We ended up picking Montréal on the recommendations of our friends Sandy and Phil.

We flew out Friday morning and landed in Montréal late Friday evening. We dropped our bags at the hotel, and walked a few blocks down Rue Saint-Denis to what would become our favorite dinner restaurant for the week, called L’Express.

I ate this delicious salad with chèvre and crostini’s. Although the week we were there was cold and rainy, they had a lovely outside area which I imagine could be great for summer evening dining.

From there we went to bed as it was just after midnight and a long day of traveling. We stayed at Kutuma Hotel & Suites which was small but lovely hotel. We liked that it was just down the street from the metro and from an amazing bakery called Mamie Clafoutis. 

The next day we got up and had breakfast at Mamie Clafoutis. This was by far my favorite bakery. Everything I had was exquisite.

From there we walked to Marché Talon, which was this indoor farmer’s market. We picked up a bottle of ice wine, and looked at all the various maple products. My favorite was the maple pecans and walnuts.

We walked through the winding streets and popped into whichever little shops looked interesting to us. We ended up grabbing a tasty late lunch at Lawrence. Mom ordered the scrapple sandwich, Dad had the scone with jam and cream, and I ordered the bubble and squeak. Everything was delicious.

We walked a little longer and swung through the downtown area to take a look at the Notre-Dame Basilica. It started to pour on us during our last few blocks, but it was a great view seeing it all lit up. We were trying to get tickets to Aura, the lights show in the Cathedral but the office was already closed when we arrived.

We walked back to our hotel and tucked in for the night. It was a great first day in Montréal. Have you ever been to Canada?