Springtime in San Francisco

Hello Friends,

Last weekend my father and I spent our Saturday exploring San Francisco. We started off with a fantastic breakfast at a little place called Wise Sons, sadly I didn’t snap a picture of it, because I was just too hungry. 😦 But its was pretty amazing. I had an egg scrambled with a bit of cheese on top of a bialy with some sliced avocado. It also came with a side salad with a house made lemon vinaigrette.


It’s a small place, and I’m glad we got there early, as by the time we walked back a few hours to put more time on my car the line was down the block! They had these cute labels on the condiments on our table which I enjoyed immensely.

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Then we ended up driving over to Bernal Heights and exploring some parks by foot. I’ve been trying to get more steps in each day, and it was totally fun to explore the city. This was my favorite view we saw of the city. San Francisco is beautiful in the spring time, and we lucked out on a sunny, blue skies, 65 degree day that Saturday. unnamed-4

Dad had heard of a park that had some pretty epic slides, so after some googling we walked our way over to Seward Mini Park, which was this tiny scrap of a park carved out of a pretty steep hill side in a quiet little neighborhood.
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The slide was a double racing kind, and it was pretty fun. It’s hard to tell from these pictures but it was long and pretty fast due to the height. We played around there for a little while and then headed over to where we had parked our cars. There was a fantastic little ice cream shop called Humphry Slocombe that was calling our name.

Humpry Slocombe had some pretty unusual flavors, such as Thai Chili Lime Sorbet, Kumquat Poppyseed, and Red Hot Banana to name a few.  I ended up with Vanilla, although the Kumquat Poppyseed was good as well (I did a taster spoon of it).  From there we drove home. It was a great day up in the city, a treat after the long weeks of endless rain and grey.

Have you ever been to Humphy Slocombe’s? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?