Spin Classes

Hello Friends,

Recently my personal trainer went on maternity leave. She had a gorgeous little boy and is recovering nicely. I had to come up with another way to stay motivated and working out until her return in a few weeks. I ended up looking into a few studios, from yoga to cycling classes.

I ended up taking a trial class at Flywheel in Sunnyvale and loved it so much that I signed up for a month of unlimited classes for February.


  • They have a class roughly every hour, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour.
  • You sign up for classes on Sunday evening at 5pm for the week, so you can decide week per week what fits into your work/life balance.
  • They have showers complete with towels and shampoo and blow dryers.
  • They have lockers to store your stuff during class and encourage you to leave your phone in your locker and enjoy the class.
  • Parking is easy and plentiful, there’s tons of lots to choose from so that hasn’t been a problem for me here at this location.
  • They have fresh fruit to grab as a snack on your way out.
  • They have charging ports in some of the lockers, which has totally saved me from a dead Iphone at the end of a long workday.
  • They play great music and turn off the lights during the workout, and the trainer works you through hills and speeds to push yourself more than you might on your own.  Each teacher brings their own style to the class, so I think rotating between teachers will keep up the interest over time.
  • Their app is super user friendly, you can check in, book classes, review your stats from last class, etc.


  • They don’t have very many weekend classes, only morning classes on Saturday/Sunday, and I totally wish they had more classes available on both days.
  • I also wish they had a later class than 6:30, which is their last class of the day Monday through Friday.
  • The showers and changing rooms are in hot demand for quite a few classes, so you can’t cut it too close with your timing in case you need to wait to change/shower after.
  • The earliest class they offer on a weekday is a 6am. Which cuts it too close for me to try it on a normal school-day as I typically leave for work from my place in Santa Clara at 7 ish. I would love it if they offered a 5:30 even just one workday.
  • Unlimited members get early access to classes (Friday at 2pm), so you need to be on the app or website at Sunday at 5pm if you want a particular class that might get filled quickly as some classes are completely booked when I register on Sunday.

Overall, I think I’m going to continue taking classes there, I might buy a few packs of classes before I commit to the monthly cost.

I’m trying out a two yoga studios to have another healthy class option in case I want a lower impact day.

Have you ever taken a cycling class? Do you like any yoga studios around here that I should try out?