Fall Finds

Fall Finds

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As much as it pains me to say this, summer is officially over for me. I’ve been in teacher prep mode for the last 1.5 weeks, and this week my darling students started with me. It’s still been pretty warm here in San Jose, with most days hitting 75-80, but where I’ve noticed the change in weather is the evenings. A couple of times now I’ve been at work or out with friends and before I know it the sun is going down and I’m getting chilly.

It’s one of the small things, but it’s how i know fall is coming here to California. I often like to look ahead a season to see what is coming, and to look through my closet to see what gaps I need to fill. I’ve really been loving a lot of the recent J.Crew fall arrivals. 

I love vests and blazers, as they often can dress up an outfit to a more elegant or work ready manner. I tend to wear skirts and dresses into the fall (the joys of living in California are many!) but often trade out my flats for something warmer like booties or knee-high boots. I also find the transition from short pj’s to longer ones, or perhaps flannel ones also a part of my fall transitions. We had a warm summer here in the Bay, so I’m looking forward to the season change and pulling out my cardigans, scarfs and sweaters!

What do you look forward to in fall? Any fall picks that you love?