Back to School Shopping

This post is pre-scheduled due to how crazy I know the first week or so of high school is. #teacherlife

It’s so weird to write these words, but it’s always a sad moment the day or two before starting work again. I love summer but I also love my students and my work. I’m generally not a fan of the first week or two, but once we get into the swing of things and my students know the routines, I love what I do. I imagine it will take a little bit longer to find my groove, what with being at a new school with new students, and being in a new little apartment.

What I do really like though about it being mid-August (so weird!) is picking out new back to school stuff. I usually get a new work bag as my old one just limps along and/or falls apart by June. I just got this one in Navy. I looked at in person when dad and I were in the city a few weeks back.

I also get a new desk calendar, work planner and to-do lists. It’s the little things that make me excited to jump back into work after a great summer off. And this year, there are so many cute organizational things.

Back to School Supplies

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Between Kate Spade, Target and Paper-source, there is something for everyone, and at every budget point! I usually end up getting a little something from each place just to round it all out, and I pick what’s the cutest thing I can find.

Do you like back to school shopping? Do you enjoy having cute office supplies?