Friday Favorites


Hello Friends,

This is just a quick round up of things that are my wishlist as I’ve been browsing online. Happy Friday!


The first one is just a cozy Jcrew sweater from their Spring line in just a cheerful color. I also like the green option they have.


These earrings are gorgeous in person. I’m not sure how comfortable they would be as they are rather large, but I’m debating these as I think they would look gorgeous with a simple black dress.


Classic everyday piece that would look great with a work appropriate WBD or a breezy striped shirt for summer.


This camel color I think works with everything, dressy black pants, comfy blue jeans on a casual Friday, or to dress up a pair of shorts.


I could see myself cozying up with this on a long flight. Looks soft and easy to pair with many shirts and sweaters. Is a great mix and match piece to throw into your suitcase for a chilly evening.


I love the scalloping edging on this. Would look great with a simple skirt or a nice summery dress. The red color is out but they still have a few choices left.


I’ve been drawing to larger watches lately, and I like the shape of this.

Have any fun weekend plans? Like any of the above items? Let me know!


Currently Lovin’

Hello loves,

I had a great weekend. A good mix of friend time, exercise and family time. I love long weekends! Were you able to fit in a little bit of time for everything that you wanted to? These are all the things I’m currently wishing were in my closet.


I tend to wear a lot of black pants to work when I do choose to wear pants, which is mostly in the winter time when it’s too chilly for skirts and dresses. I think these flats seem perfect with black pants for fall, and I love a good cap toe. I’m trying to decide which I like more: the burgundy, the beige, or the grey! Which do you like? Which would you were the most to work?


How cute would this purse be with an all black outfit? Or a cute plaid shirt and jeans? I’ve been looking to invest in a cute blue purse, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger. I ended up getting my work purse for the new school year from them, and have loved it so far! It’s sturdy, roomy and the navy color gorgeously goes with everything. Do you have a blush purse yet?

It’s starting to be pretty chilly here in the mornings as I head off to work, and even though this sweater is out of my budget (#teacherlife) I love the look of it.

Off the Shoulder Sweater

The off the shoulder sweater look is a notch above a regular sweater, and can take a great classic creamy sweater from night to day easily.

What do you think about these pieces? Do any of them belong in your closet?



All In-Vested

A few weeks ago, the Roomie and I hit the mall on the first day of a long weekend. We did some serious damage! The Roomie walked away with a super cute red vest from Gap, and she raves about it. I was jealous then, and still plan on getting a red one myself at some point. I picked up my first down vest last year from J.Crew and now I am totally on the vest train! Pinterest has been showing me all sorts of cute mixes of collared shirts, sweaters and vests in cute but bold color schemes. I like wearing vests because they keep me warm in the morning, but later in the day they are easy to take off when it warms up.

I have been loving these vests, and have really been holding back on getting every single one of them!!







Banana Republic.

Banana Republic.


Do you have any vests? Do you love  them as much as I do? Do you like any of these vests? Would you get any of them?

I am thinking about making a board on Pinterest solely for outfits involving vests!



Critters Sweaters, Divergent, and Pistols

I’m in love with this sweater from C Wonder. I have really gotten into Critter sweaters, and am looking to develop my formal sections in closet, which should include cute sweaters. As I am completing my academic wardrobe, I have found many areas where my current closet isn’t formal or classy enough to wear to work as a teacher. By simply putting a collared shirt under a cute sweater, I am now fancy enough for work!


I read the Divergent series last year when they were published. I love post-apocalyptical plots, so when I saw it featured last year on Amazon I snapped it up on my Kindle. Today, I saw that Hulu had a trailer for the movie’s release next year in early 2014. I loved the books so I hope they do a decent job on the movies. Have you read the books? Are you excited to see the movie?

Last week I went to the range with a friend and I learned how to shoot 2 pistols and a shotgun. Going to a range was something on my bucket list, so I felt the need to document this glorious event.

Learning the Shotgun

My bucket list has been a recent topic among some of my friends. There seem to be two camps, one that agrees with my organised plan on how to live a full live. The other camp disagrees, and thinks that I should just live the life that happens, and live spontaneously.

What do you think? Do you have a bucket list? What is on it? Anything I should add to mine?