Life Lately

Hello friends,

Life has been extremely busy lately, thus the radio silence on the blog here. So many holiday events, get togethers with friends, observations at work, prepping for Christmas and time in Tahoe.


Our neighbors got a wood-fired mini pizza oven, and we made our first batch a few weeks ago. They were amazing!!


I went to a pearl tea place with a friend and these were their signs outside. I loved it!


This was a cute birthday card given to a co-worker at ND, and i thought it was supercute. #ilovealpacas


My brother and I baked apple donuts for the first time and they were deliiiish. I liked the donut holes the best!img_7553

To go with the apple donuts we made chili and I made the cornbread. Yum.

Also, we bought a Christmas tree….and then I got one for my house, and then one for my brother’s house. That’s how we ended up with 3 trees!

My tree all decorated. It only leans a little as it was hard to tell if it was straight in the tree holder as I live by myself.

I made biscotti as a holiday gift for friends, family and co-workers. I make both snickerdoodle and gingersnap! So tasty, I ate so many during the first batch there weren’t many to share.

Kim’s family had me over for their thanksgiving holiday party this past Sunday at their new house in San Carlos. I had so much fun, we did a while elephant exchange.

That’s it, life has been good and busy, but I promise I get back to posting more often!!



Fancy Friday, Gelato and a Sabertooth Tiger

This week for Fancy Friday we met at a fun Mexican restaurant in downtown Mountain View. I had yummy fish tacos.  It was a smaller group this week for dinner, but it was nice to be able to catch up with everyone. Apparently someone sent out a memo that purple is in, because everyone showed up wearing some form of purple.

At the pearl tea place after dinner

At the pearl tea place after dinner

We grabbed pearl tea and gelato after dinner.  I got lemon gelato and caramel pecan and it was delicious.

Yummy gelato.

Yummy gelato.

The best part of the evening occurred when we got in line for gelato. The young couple in front of us, well, one of them was dressed as a sabertooth tiger. People stopped and took pictures with the tiger, but it was pretty hilarious. It had a moving jaw, and eyes that lit up when they spoke.

The sabertooth tiger in front of us

The sabertooth tiger in front of us-Photo Credit to Kendall

What do you think of the costume? What is the most hilarious thing you have ever seen someone dressed up as? What did you do on Friday?