Fresh Picked Strawberries

On Thursday, my mum, Cathy and I went berry picking. We drove down to Gizdich Ranch, which is this charming pick your own farm in Watsonville that has tons of fruits. I have been there in the past and picked apples, but this time there were strawberries in season.

The strawberries were on the smaller side, but were juicy and full of flavor. It took all my control not to eat all of them! We picked until our hands were red and dirty, and we had picked in almost every row.

Gizdich RanchGizdich Ranch Gizdich Ranch Gizdich Ranch

We ended up picking a ton of strawberries so that Mum could make some jam and we got a triple berry pie and gallons of fresh apple juice to take home. That pie was delicious!

Have you ever gone to a pick your own place? Any places you recommend I visit sometime?