The Best of 2016

Hello Friends,

Happy New Years! We spent the evening at our neighborhood party, and then relaxed at our house playing boardgames. It’s very homey with the fire roaring and we drink tons of thai iced tea to last us til midnight. It’s always very festive and fun. How was your New Year’s Eve? Do anything fun?


Looking back on 2016, it was a very full and exciting year, with many highs and quite a few lows.

From left to right, I had amazing time with A flying to Florida and having the time of my life at Harry Potter World in January.

Relaxing on the beach in Hawaii with A in February was exactly what I needed heading into a busy time prepping my students to submit their AP portfolios. In June I watched my prides and joy (all 45 of them) walk down the aisle and receive their diplomas. I also said goodbye to the school that made me into the teacher that I am today, and hugged & waved goodbye to all my LPS Phoenix’s (and my classroom) for the last time ever.

In July we took a family trip and fulfilled a childhood dream of mine to return to the island where I had spent a glorious summer (#sweet15) in Nantucket. In July we spent some time with my Grandfather in Pennsylvania.

In August, I lounged at an amazing lake house and soaked up every last bit of summer before starting school at my new job. In September we enjoyed glorious weather on many walks in San Francisco. In October A and I cajoled our friends into eating the brunch buffet at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. I also saw my favorite musician Ingrid Michaelson on her latest musical tour.

In November A and I took a food eating tour through Portland, and I got to explore the beauty of the Northwest (and see Shannon!). For Thanksgiving Week I joined Aaron and Kim and her family on a week-long sunny stay in Cancun, Mexico.

And finally, I’ve been here in Tahoe for the last week and a half, being as lazy as I possibly can before starting back to work on the 3rd. The snow has been kind to us, and I’ve been able to get in 3!! days of skiing in between the hot tub, reading books, watching movies and boardgames.

I’m sure 2017 will keep me just as busy as 2016 did, as I know I already have a few trips planned with A, seeing my first crop of seniors at Notre Dame graduate in May, and adding a few new things to the new pad in Santa Clara (like finally owning a Tv.)

Are you looking forward to 2017? Any fun things you are looking forward to? Thanks so much for reading the blog these last 12 months, I couldn’t do it without you guys!






Kittens, Mittens, and More

A coworker is staying with my roommate and I until she moves into her new apartment. Her adorable pup is named Miton. It means mitten in Spanish, which fits this classy young animal as he has white socks on a black body. I have enjoyed having a third housemate (and third four footed beast), even if it is temporary. Miton is a shy young thing and runs from both me and the camera, although I don’t think of myself as scary. I’m hoping to photograph him later this week because he is a beautiful creature.

My best friend Alli recently got a cat from a shelter and on Monday I met him. Mack is 6 years old and has a sparkling personality. Although he is still settling into his new home, I was still able to give him a tummy rub while he joined us on the couch.

This was the photo from the shelter:

Mack the Cat

Alli gave me the inside scoop and apparently he is in love with this soft fuzzy blanket, and loves to spend hours curled up in this chair.

Mack the Cat in his favorite spot

I think he has the cutest face. It looks like he got into paint or something! Do you have any pets? Have you ever thought about adopting a pet from a shelter?