Kittens, Mittens, and More

A coworker is staying with my roommate and I until she moves into her new apartment. Her adorable pup is named Miton. It means mitten in Spanish, which fits this classy young animal as he has white socks on a black body. I have enjoyed having a third housemate (and third four footed beast), even if it is temporary. Miton is a shy young thing and runs from both me and the camera, although I don’t think of myself as scary. I’m hoping to photograph him later this week because he is a beautiful creature.

My best friend Alli recently got a cat from a shelter and on Monday I met him. Mack is 6 years old and has a sparkling personality. Although he is still settling into his new home, I was still able to give him a tummy rub while he joined us on the couch.

This was the photo from the shelter:

Mack the Cat

Alli gave me the inside scoop and apparently he is in love with this soft fuzzy blanket, and loves to spend hours curled up in this chair.

Mack the Cat in his favorite spot

I think he has the cutest face. It looks like he got into paint or something! Do you have any pets? Have you ever thought about adopting a pet from a shelter?



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