Bangles, Clutches, Coach and Tortilla Jokes


I have been following this blogger the College Prepster for a while now, and I have fallen in love with her clothing style. She wears everything so effortlessly. I had become particularly enamored with this bangle, and finally purchased it from Sydney Buchanan. The bangle arrived the other day and I have not taken it off my wrist since! It reminds me to follow my dreams, which is becoming an art teacher. What are your dreams? Any passions or hobbies you enjoy?

Live your Dreams Bangle

There was a sale on CWonder recently and I bought two beautiful things, a suede belt and a beautiful blue  clutch. I have a wedding this weekend in Colorado at Della Terra and plan on debuting the clutch there in style.

CWonder Belt and Clutch

So in the last few months I have developed a liking of online shopping, and looking at purses. I got a  cross body purse at Target a long time ago. I loved this brown purse to bits until one day it fell apart. While I feel like I have gotten a lot of use out of it, I thought perhaps it was time to buy a quality purse. I started with a list ( i love lists, to an unhealthy degree) and worked from there. Finally I stumbled across this lovely gem, which is now all mine. I love the handle on the top!

My Coach Willis Bag

But in the process of finding this lovely thing, I have started looking at satchels in general, and a black one at that. While my coach is still my go to bag, there was a J.Crew Edie purse that I fell in love with, and demonstrated such restraint in not buying it(because my coach purse was on order) that it is now out of stock and I am sad.

In other news, I found this video, and it is amazing. I might adopt this couple and make them my two new best friends. I hope I don’t scare them with high level of admiration in this post.

Has anyone heard of or bought anything on Poshmark? My good friend Annie recommended it because of my absurd love of Kate Spade, but I do not know anyone who has actually purchased from it.

Have you purchased anything on Poshmark? What is your go-to purse? What do you love about it? Any good jokes or videos you think are hilarious?