A Weekend at Clear Lake

Clear Lake

The weekend before school started, our lovely down the street neighbors invited my parents and I up to their house at Clear Lake. My dad left earlier in the day, so it was just my mom and I that drove up Friday after my week of teacher prep at my new school. When we arrived at 9pm, it was still really warm, enough so that I was sweating in my jeans and white button down from work. We sat at a long wooden table in the backyard and I could hear the gentle sound of water lapping at their deck. It was perfect there.

Saturday morning we all woke up early, and so after a quick coffee break we all changed into bathing suits and coverups and headed out to the boat. We started with a few rounds in the boat watching my my mom, my dad and our host water ski.

Clear Lake

Then it was my turn. It took more than a few tries, but on my last go-round I was able to stand up and went for a long run around the lake. I was foiled by the waters on the turn and down I went. It was a ton of fun. I’m sure if I was up here more often this would be my go-to morning workout. We headed back to the house for a delicious breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and fresh watermelon. I ate mine too quickly to photograph it. #sorrynotsorry

Then we were back in the lake bobbing as our great hosts called it, where we wore life vests and just relaxed in the water. During the days it was shockingly hot (high 90’s) but we jumped in the water almost every hour so bouncing between waterskiing, tubing (also known as inner tubing) and bobbing to stay cool in the heat. From there we prepared lunch and then were back in the lake for a few rounds of tubing. We got some great air on waves here and there. It was like a roller coaster on water. I loved it!

We lounged out on the deck for a bit to dry off (mom and I both took a nap) and the men went off to explore some vineyards down the street. I read for a while and then it was dinner time. We sat out on the back patio and enjoyed the sunset and the warm air. The moon was bright and the sound of the waves was so relaxing.


We slept in later on Sunday and went for some tubing before making breakfast. My mom had to leave earlier than the rest of us, but after breakfast we went out for one last boat ride before packing up. I had so much fun out on the water, I kinda want a lake-house now! I love our visits to Lake Tahoe, but the water there is so cold. This lake had water temps of high 70’s, which was perfect to jump into when the sun was too strong on your back during a boat ride.

I took a few clips during the weekend, so I’ll try to have a short video for you guys sometimes soon! Have you ever been to Clear Lake? Or to a fun lake house?