Nantucket Day 1

So we had spoken to a few friends that had been to Nantucket many times, and they recommended we fly JetBlue. We ended up taking a red-eye from San Francisco to JFK, and then took a smaller plane from JFK to Nantucket the next morning. We snagged our rental car and drove to our house for the week. It was a gorgeously restored 1860’s three story house. It had everything you could possible need for a fun week on the island!

Orange Street House

We picked bedrooms and snoozed for a bit, needing to refresh after our long night of flying. Then we walked down a few blocks to the ocean edges. It was sunny, blue skies and warm. I knew even in that first day, it was going to be a great week here on the island.

Dinner at Sayle's IMG_6525Dinner at Sayle'sDinner at Sayle's

We walked a few blocks over and ending up picking up some take-out at a delicious local’s place called Sayle’s. Judging by how long the line was, I would say we weren’t the first family to discover how delicious their food was. I enjoyed a tasty clam chowder, and some fried shrimp and the parents got a seafood platter. We walked around for a little bit and then went back to the house for an early evening of reading before bed.

Have you been to Nantucket? How was the weather when you were there?