Nantucket Nails


Nautical Nails

I had been so excited about our Nantucket trip leading up to leaving, I almost couldn’t sleep. I have only been there once before, with our neighbors in high school when I worked as their family nanny. I loved the summer that I spent there with the three kiddos, driving around in the jeep, hitting the beach the Juice Bar everyday, and watching the sunset go down.

I packed my clothes and suitcase, then took the day of our flight easy by sleeping in, and getting my nails done. I had spied a fun manicure on Pinterest, and wanted to try a color trim out just for fun. I decided to go blue and white as I love how clean and crisp those two colors are against each other. I ended up loving the color combo, and might get it again with different colors!

Have you every gotten a fun manicure? Any color combos that make you think of summer or somewhere specific?