Boston in the Summer Part 1

For the latter two weeks in June, my father and I explored some of the towns along the New England coast. We started with two days in Boston, a city I had never been to before.

I am a total history buff, I love exploring old churches, historical locations, and museums. My father was kind enough to indulge me in a bit of it all. We started off with coffee, which is par for the course in this family. It was primarily a walking day, we would walk for a bit, exploring cool shops and stores, fitting in meals around the exploring. We started with the Revere House, which I totally nerded out at.

Paul Revere was the second owner of the house, and purchased it in 1770.  He lived in it with his rather large family, including his mother, wife, and multiple children. He eventually sold the house in 1800. His relatives purchased the house again in 1902, and raised enough money to preserve the building and turn it into a historical house museum, one of the first of its kind. We took a tour of the building, where some of the original artifacts from Revere’s life are still preserved.

Boston 2015

Boston 2015

Boston 2015

Boston 2015   Boston 2015

We then walked along the Freedom Trail, where we stopped and explored the Old North Church. Founded in 1722, this church is considered Boston’s oldest surviving church site and is a quite popular historical site.

Boston 2015 IMG_4586 IMG_4597

They simply don’t make buildings as meticulously detailed and beautiful as they did back then.  More about the rest of my day in Boston tomorrow!

How is your summer going? Are you getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather?