MockingJay, Board Games and Lasagna

Basically the last few weeks have been jam-packed with fun events with friends and family.My friend Yaelle and I had tickets to go to see MockingJay Part 1, which was amazing. I ordered us these great pins off Amazon and we dressed up and saw it at the midnight premiere.


My family planned this amazing Lasagna Potluck board game night and invited a bunch of family friends over. We had two different types of lasagna, a cheese-grape-onion tart and tons of garlic bread. It was a great night!

Lasagna Board Game NightLasagna Board Game NightLasagna Board Game NightLasagna Board Game Night

My mom’s lasagna one of our family’s favorite meal, it’s probably a tie between that and her spaghetti. We made a ton of it and usually fight over the leftovers! What’s your families favorite meal?